Henner von Hesberg is Professor of Classical Archaeology at Universität zu Köln. He studied classical archaeology, ancient history, classics and art history in Bonn, Marburg and Würzburg. In 1975 he received a PhD from Universität Marburg with a thesis entitled “Zur Entwicklung und Funktion des Konsolengeison im Hellenismus und in der frühen Kaiserzeit”. After several occupations in the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and in the Archäologisches Institut of Universität München he habilitated in Munich with a work on “Formen privater Repräsentation in der Baukunst des 2. und 1. Jahrhunderts v. Chr.”. Since 2006 he has been Head of the Rome Section of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. His research focuses on ancient architecture and its ornaments, urbanism, sepulchral monuments and sites as well as the art of the Hellenism and of roman provinces stressing from centre to periphery. During his fellowship at Topoi Henner von Hesberg carried out his research within the research group (B-2) XXL-Monumentalized Knowledge by investigating the question of megalomania in the architecture of imperial Rome.