Prof. Dr. Katja Maria Vogt

Katja Maria Vogt is Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Ethics at Columbia University in New York. Much of her research lies at the intersection of ancient skepticism, ethics, and theory of action. In addition to an earlier book on skeptical language, belief, and action, Skepsis und Lebenspraxis (Alber, 1998, reissued with a new postscript 2015), she recently published Belief and Truth (OUP 2012), a monograph in ancient epistemology. While in Berlin in 2010, she was working on Stoic physics, following up on research from her book on the Stoic conception of the world and our place in it, Law, Reason and the Cosmic City (OUP 2008). As Vogt argues, the Stoics are, in today’s terms, physicalists. Her research in Berlin was part of a long-term project, namely to figure out what it means to be a physicalist and whether the Stoic kind of physicalism is viable.

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