Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent
Markus Vinzent is trained in philosophy, theology, Jewish studies, archaeology and ancient history at the universities of Eichstätt, Munich and Heidelberg. He held positions at the Universities of Cambridge, Berlin, Mainz, a professorship at Köln, the H.G. Wood professorship at Birmingham and is currently appointed professor at King’s College London, fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg, Erfurt, and adjunct Professor of Korea University, Seoul, South Korea.
During his fellowship at Topoi he dealt with the relation of urban space, entrepreneurial experiences and cult foundations. He is particularly interested in how Judaism and Christianity in the post second Jewish war of Bar Kokhba has been conceptualized by various contemporary teachers at Rome, influenced by their urban settings, while developing an imagined past of a cult figure (Marcion, Valentinus, Ptolemaius, Justin, Tatian, Lukian, Celsus, Herakleon a.o.). One of the major objects of research is Marcion’s Gospel (reconstruction, commentary, reception) and its impact. Combining text research with iconography, archaeology, philosophy and theology, the ambition is not less than, over time, to re-write the history of the beginnings of Christianity in the light of its embeddedness into the so-called Second Sophistic. In addition, the topic of space (and time) is also followed up in history up to the Middle Ages with a particular emphasis on the Neoplatonic tradition (from Augustine to Meister Eckhart).