Prof. Dr. Jutta Vinzent

After studying German Literature, Philosophy and Art History at the universities of Munich (M.A.), Cologne (Dr. phil.) and Cambridge (PhD), Jutta Vinzent has been lecturer and from 2007 Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the University of Birmingham (UK). Since 2010 she has held an Adjunct Professorship at Korea University (Seoul, South Korea) and since 2011 fellowships of various lengths at the Max Weber Center, University of Erfurt.

During her fellowship at Topoi (October – December 2014) Jutta Vinzent´s project encompasses the conceptualisation of a Spatial Art History. Having shown the relevance of space to modern art (particularly Constructivism and the Bauhaus) and art history (including Wölfflin and Panofsky) elsewhere, she is working towards a methodology with which to approach art objects from the perspective of space that goes beyond a mere Formalism, taking account of social and temporal aspects. Her reason for concentrating on art objects is not only because of being trained as an Art Historian, but also of the premise that objects such as paintings occupy a certain spatial dimension. Her work is particularly influenced by the Histoire Croisée, the Spatial Turn and Derrida’s Deconstructivism.