Dr. Joyce van Leeuwen


(D-III-3) Mechanics Topoi 1 (Doctoral Fellow)


Inventory of Diagrams Topoi 1 (Research Project: Doctoral Fellow)
The Tradition of the Aristotelian Mechanics Topoi 1 (Research Project: Doctoral Fellow)
Aristotelian Mechanics Topoi 1 (Dissertation: Author)

Publications in Topoi

Book 2016
Joyce Van Leeuwen, The Aristotelian Mechanics. Text and Diagrams. Text and Diagrams, Wien / New York: Springer, 2016
Article 2013
Joyce Van Leeuwen, "The Text of the Aristotelian Mechanics", in: Classical Quarterly, 63/1 (May 2013), 183–198
Article 2011
Dieter Harlfinger, Lutz Koch and Joyce Van Leeuwen, "Mechanics", in: Reports of the Research Groups at the Topoi Plenary Session 2010, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 1 (2011), 1–6