Dr. Elsbeth Margreet van der Wilt

Elsbeth van der Wilt received a doctorate in archaeology from Oxford University in 2014 where she was part of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology. She studied Egyptology at Leiden University until 2008 with a specialization in Greco-Roman Egypt.

Her work lies at the intersection of Egyptology and archaeology in the first millennium BC, particularly in the interaction between the Egyptian temples, military, and people, with non-Egyptian political and economic parties. She was awarded a POINT-fellowship by the Freie Universität Berlin within the framework of the Excellence Cluster Topoi (2016-2018). During her research stay she investigated long-distance trade in the Eastern Mediterannean during the Achaemenid-Hellenistic transition. She considers the role of monetization, marketplaces and sanctuaries in Egypt in the 4th century BC.