Dr. Gemma Elisabeth Tully
Gemma Tully’s research within Topoi was part of a tandem, cross-disciplinary project with Egyptologist Dr. Monica Hanna. The master title of the project was “Ancient tombs, modern dwellers: Investigating the relationship of archaeological sites to contemporary communal identity in al-Qurna, Thebes (Egypt).” Within this broader research framework Gemma aimed to explore the role Western archaeologists and travellers have played, and continue to play, in shaping both local and international perceptions of the Qurnawi community from the time of the first Western encounters with residents in the late 1700s to interactions in the modern day.
Gemma Tully graduated with a BA in Archaeology from the University of Southampton, UK in 2004. In 2005 she completed a Masters in the Archaeology of Art and Representation at the same Institution. She obtained her Doctorate from the University of Southampton, UK in 2010 researching community strategies for the presentation of the ancient Egyptian past under the title, “Answering the Calls of the Living: Collaborative Archaeology and Ancient Egyptian “Daily Life’ Exhibitions in Western Museums”.