Laura Steinmüller, M.A.

Laura K. Steinmüller is an M.A. conservator for archaeological and historical objects. In research project (C-3-1) Ktesiphon she examines the late sasanian and early islamic stucco objects and architectural fragments from Ctesiphon. She has been doctoral fellow at the Excellence Cluster Topoi and also has participated in the PhD program “Material Cultures and Object Studies” (MaCOS) at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS). Her dissertation project focuses on the decoding of the contained information based on visual and scientific methods and the interpretation of traces. The individual transformation steps shall be reconstructed and significant phases of the object history shall be reviewed. A special focus is set on the documentation and discussion of the extensive and partly unverified reconstructions of the early 1930s. 


Further Activities

03/2016 Talk Der Authentizitätsbegriff in der Konservierung und Restaurierung von archäologischen Objekten und Ruinenstätten (together with K. Steudtner)
Part of: international conference “Museen – Orte des Authentischen?“, Leibniz-Forschungsverbund, Mainz