Thomas Skowronek is postdoctoral fellow and coordinator within the research group (B-3) Oikonomia. He studied Slavic Studies and History in Marburg, Moscow and Berlin. Afterwards, he worked as junior lecturer/researcher at the Institute for Slavic Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In 2013 he finished his doctoral thesis “Marktgestalten in Sorge. Zur Poetologie ökonomischer Dinge am Beispiel von Galerien in Polen und Russland (1980/2000)” (Shaping Marktes in Anxiety. Art Galleries in Poland and Russia and the Poetics of Economic Things (1980/2000)”). The thesis is an analysis of the representational strategies and the discursive order of art markets, for which he received an award from the German Association for East European Studies (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde, DGO).

At Topoi, Thomas Skowronek focuses on the transformation of ancient economic knowledge in early modern times, especially in Russia: How correlate rhetorical, theological and economic concepts of order in the development of modern economic thought? What relevance do information technologies (writing, printing, double-entry bookkeeping) have in shaping this knowledge? To what extent become notions of deviation, exception and emergency crucial for maintaining an economic order?