Since 2008 Dr. Erkki Sironen has been associated with Topoi, in the research group (B-5) Personal Authorization of Knowledge, in its project (B-5-3-1) Propagation of Early Christianity  within the Research Region “Greece” and especially with the topic of “Inscriptions”. After the publication of the Late Attic corpus in Inscriptiones Graecae, vol. II/III, 2nd ed., part 5 (Berlin, 2008) by Sironen, as many as 424 Early Christian inscriptions have been included in the Topoi subproject Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae. In October 2015 Sironen was invited into the Advisory Board of the ICG. Sironen’s most recent publication, the Late Antique corpus of Corinthia in Inscriptiones Graecae, vol. IV, 2nd ed., fascicle 3 (Berlin, 2016) contributed to most of the 489 Early Christian inscriptions included in the Korinthia region of ICG.
Dr. Erkki Sironen is Senior Lecturer in Greek Language and Literature at the University of Helsinki since 2001. Furthermore, since 1998 he is Adjunct Professor at the University of Oulu (Ancient Languages and Culture) and since 2001 at the University of Helsinki (Greek Philology).
Sironen studied Classical Philology and Comparative Linguistics at the University of Helsinki between 1977 and 1982 (with a semester in Münster in 1981). Between 1986 and 1996 he worked on Late Antique inscriptions of Attica and Corinthia in Greece (along with study of Modern Greek at the University of Athens in 1986-1987), in between teaching Latin and Ancient Greek in the universities of Helsinki and Oulu. After receiving his PhD degree in Helsinki (Greek Language and Literature) in 1997 continued as Assistant Professor of Greek Language and Literature in Helsinki until 2001, but spent the first half of 1999 in Princeton (Member at the Institute for Advanced Study). Furthermore, he has been Member of Topoi during the fall of 2010 and Visitor (?) during August of 2013 (Humboldt University).
Besides his main interests, inscriptions of Greece from the Imperial and Late Antique period (especially metrical and Early Christian ones), Dr. Sironen explores Humanist Greek texts composed in 17th and 18th century Sweden.