Dr. rer. nat. Frank Schlütz

Dr. Frank Schlütz was the representative of the Geoarchaeology in Topoi I. The full equipped Topoi pollen laboratory and the microscope pool were managed by him. As a Botanist Frank Schlütz works in close interdisciplinary cooperation with Archaeologists, Geographers and soil scientists in Eurasia (Germany, Russia, Caucasus, Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, Himalaya) and abroad (Africa, South America). His research foci are on Geoarchaeology, vegetation history and climate change based especially on Palynology in a broad sense, covering analyses of pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) such as spores of fungi, ferns and mosses, algae, microscopic animal remains and charcoal particles as well. This allows a most holistic reconstruction of former palaeoecological conditions. The studied sediment archives reach from drilled terrestrial, lacustrine and marine profiles to archaeological stratigraphies, feces (animal dung, latrines) and surface samples, spanning from recent and medieval times to the Neolithic and into the late Pleistocene.