Kurt Raaflaub was Professor of Classics and History at Brown University. After retirement in 2009 he pursues his recently research on the society and politics of Homer’s epics, on the origins and workings of Athenian democracy, on war and peace in the ancient world, on the purpose of writing history in Greece and Rome, and on the origin and function of Greek political thinking. During his residence at Topoi, Kurt Raaflaub will be contributing to research in project (B-1-1) Water Spaces . The “Sea Power in Antiquity” conference (December 12-14, 2013) involved Raaflaub as both a guest and contributor. The conference pursued a comparative approach that shed light on the phenomenon of sea power in different ancient cultures. The discussions initiated here concerning various notions and concepts of sea power will now be taken further. Raaflaub is particularly interested in examining the historical embedding of these concepts, especially during periods of upheaval. His global, comparative studies of empires, together with his work on maritime-oriented power structures like the Attic sea alliance (including its ideological connection to the Persian Empire), make him a highly valued contributor to the project.