Dorothea Prell

Dorothea Prell studied Classics at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin and at the University of Potsdam and Musicology at the Freie Universität Berlin. 2007 she wrote her master thesis with the subject “Das Schiff im Seesturm. Ein Bildmotiv in der Darstellung der antiken Lyrik” (The ship in the sea storm. A pictural motive in the representation of ancient lyric) examining such poets as Alkaios, Archilochos, Simonides, Theognis, Catullus, and Horace. At the beginning of 2008 she received her Magistra artium. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the spacial connotations of music and world soul in philosophy and music theory of Late Antiquity within the anima mundi project of the Topoi research group (D-I-1) Anima mundi.