Karin Petrovszky


(A-I-16) Petra, Jordan Topoi 1 (Doctoral Fellow)


Integrated Tomb Complexes in Petra Topoi 1 (Dissertation: Author)

Publications in Topoi

Inproceedings 2013
Karin Petrovszky, "The infrastructure of the tomb precincts of Petra: preliminary results of the tacheometrical survey in selected areas", in: Stephan G. Schmid and Michel Mouton (Eds.), Men on the Rocks. The Formation of Nabataean Petra, Logos Verlag, 2013, 189–204
Article 2012
Karin Petrovszky, "The tomb complexes of Petra: preliminary report on the 2011 season of tachaeometrical documentation", in: Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, 56 (2012)