Eleftheria Paliou studied archaeology at the University of Athens, Greece, the University of York (MSc), England and the University of Southampton (PhD), England. During the last years Eleftheria Paliou has delivered lectures and led seminars, workshops and tutorials for MA, MSc, PhD students and post-doc researchers (on spatial analysis in past built environments, theory of built environment, database design and Geographic Information Systems) at the Universtiy of Southampton, London, the Topoi Excellence Cluster and the Universität Heidelberg, Germany. In 2012 Eleftheria Paliou became a founding member and Deputy Chair of CAA GR .

Eleftheria Palious general research interests lie within the fields of Mediterranean Archaeology, in particular Aegean prehistory, historical and prehistoric urban settlement and landscape archaeology. She is specialized in the use of spatial technologies, computational social science methods, Geographic Information Systems, 3D modelling and has actively been involved in developing innovative methods of computer-based spatial analyses. Much of Eleftheria Palious research focused on understanding how people in the past thought and conceptualised various aspects of their environment and on examining social aspects of past built spaces and cultural landscapes. To date, she has been engaged with projects in the fields of Aegean Bronze Age, Roman and Byzantine archaeology using a variety of computational methods.