Prof. Dr. Laura Nasrallah

Laura Nasrallah is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, USA. She studied English literature and Near Eastern studies at Princton University and received both a M. Div. and a Th. D. from Harvard Divinity School. Her research lies at the intersection of the New Testament and early Christian literature and archaeological remains of the Mediterranean world. Her investigations often bring together issues of colonialism, gender, status and power. As a senior fellow at Topoi she carried out her research by analysing the development of early Christianity within the already existent infrastructure of the Greek polis. Her investigations questioned how Christian communities participated in the larger civic issues and identity by discussing representations of myth in the civic sphere, bioarchaeological evidence, and other sources.


Further Activities

May 20-22nd 2011  Lecture “The Letter to the Philippians: Archaeology and Paul’s Early Hearers”
Part of: Paul-Philippi: Two Millennia. Centre of Historical Studies, Philippi, Greece
March 8th 2011 Talk “Discussion of Christian Responses to Roman Art and Architecture”
at Fordham University
April 2010 Lecture “Revelation: From Rasta to Archaeological Ruins”
Part of: Kraft-Hiatt Lecture, Brandeis University
February 2010 Lecture “Grief in Corinth: The Roman City and Paul’s Corinthian Correspondence”
at Princeton University (Co-sponsored by the Department of Religion and the Center for Hellenic Studies)
March 31st 2009 Lecture “St. Paul Among Others: How Scholars and Paul’s Communities Have Viewed Him”
Part of: St. Paul Jubilee Year Lecture Series. St. Joseph’s College. Hartford, CT