Prof. Dr. Georgia Mouroutsou

After finishing my studies of philosophy, psychology and pedagogics in Athens, I wrote my PhD in Tübingen on the Metaphor of Mixture in the Platonic Dialogues the Sophist and the Philebus. My supervisors were Prof. Dr. Thomas Alexander Szlezák and Prof. Dr. Anton Friedrich Koch. After my two-year-old academic stay at Cambridge University, which was funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, I am elaborating further on my monograph on chora (estimated completion in 2011) and investigating its reception in Middle Platonism in Berlin. My PhD has been published as the Vol. 28 of the International Plato Studies. The philosophical issue that has come to the fore since my PhD is the Aristotelian influence upon very important decisions in the immediate course of the history of philosophy. For now I focus on the reception of chora (n Middle Platonism).