Volker Menze studied in Münster, Freiburg, Oxford, Providence, and Princeton. He received his PhD for a study on Justinian and the Syrian Orthodox Church from the University of Princton in 2004. Since 2010 he has been Associate Professor for Late Antique Studies and Director of the ‘Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies’ at Central European University in Budapest. During his fellowship at Topoi in 2015, he supports research group (B-2) XXL – Monumentalized Knowledge. Volker Menze`s aim is to systematically analyze the Syrian sources regarding the Christian communities in Resafa and Baalbek for the period 6th to 12th centuries. He intends to use published as well as unpublished texts to uncover notes and fragments concerning the establishment and history of the churches of these cities to achieve a better contextualization of the local communities within their region, and within the altering religious landscapes and empires.