Natalia Limberis is an archaeologist from Krasdnodar. She studied history and archaeology in Krasnodar and Leningrad. Following this she has been researcher at the North Ossetian University,  Ordžonikidze and  researcher in the  Historic and Archaeologic Museum Krasnodar. In 1998 she was appointed researcher  in the Archaeologic Research Center of Kuban State University. Besides this she was member of the German-Russian research project “Römischer Import im Kuban Gebiet” and is editor of the series “Materials and Investigations of the Kuban Archaeology”. Since 2015 she is member of the Topoi research project (B-2-4) Scythian Tombs which investigates the North-western Caucasus. Main focus of this collaboration lies in the scientific exchange on geophysical examinations and on analyses of the Scythian great kurgans and its peripheries. Natalia Limberis`main research questions deal with the problem and reconstruction of the transition period of the Scythian culture as well as the pre-Sycthian Meot culture. Besides this she investigates the burial rituals of the nomadic horsemen in grave cemetries as well as in the kurgans of the Kuban Steppe.