Dr. Orly Lewis

Orly Lewis studied classics and general history at Tel-Aviv University. While studying she was language assistant for Latin and ancient Greek. From 2011 to 2014 she was doctoral fellow at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as part of the Alexander-von-Humboldt research group “Medicine of the Mind, Philosophy of the Body”. Main focus of her investigations is the history of medicine and philosophy and particularly the changes in the understanding of human anatomy and physiology, the role of observation and theory in this history and the role of the theoretical framework in shaping the medical diagnostic and therapeutic practice. At Topoi she carries out her research as a post-doctoral fellow within the research group (D-2) Mapping Body and Soul by investigating the fragments and doctrines of Archigenes of Apamea (first-second centuries CE). The aim of this research is twofold: first, to reconstruct the physiological and pathological ideas of Archigenes on mental faculties and identify the implications of these ideas for his therapeutic theory and practice; second, to bring to light the relation between his ideas and those of earlier and later physicians and philosophers. The research includes the preparation of an edition, translation and commentary of the pertinent fragments and a comprehensive analysis of the fragments.


Further Activities

18.3.2015 Lecture “The Physiology of Mental Diseases: the Theory and Practice of Archigenes of Apamea”
Part of: Colloquium of the Classics Department (Tel-Aviv University)
8.10.2014 Lecture ‘The Physiology of Mental Diseases in the Doctrines of the so-called Pneumatist Physicians’
Part of: Mental Diseases in Ancient Medicine