Hans Christian Küchelmann

Hans Christian Küchelmann studied biology at Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg. After receiving his diploma in 1997 he became a researcher of archaeozoology and taphonomy with a separte laboratory. Since then he has investigated bone findings from diverse places, such as the Urartian fortress of Aramus; Armenia, the roman settlements of Bentumersiel, the medieval city centre of Bremen, the Bronze Age settlements of Daverden, the Iron Age settlement of Emstek or the Phoenician settlements of Moador; Morocco. Besides that he carried out his research in the Aterra-Institut in Texel; the Netherlands and in the Anatomisches Institut of the Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien. From 2008 to 2012 he has curated exhibitons of bone craft in the archaeologic park of Xanten.


Further Activities

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6. 10. 2012 Talk “The zoological Profile of a Trade Post at the End of the World. Conclusions from the faunal Remains of Phoenician Mogador, Morocco”
Part of: ICAZ-symposium “World Archaeozoology Today: International Approaches to Common Problems” in Istanbul, Turkey
9. 8. 2011 Lecture “Mit Knochen gepflastert – Zum Treiben auf dem Bremer Marktplatz um 1300” at the Focke-Museum Bremen
27. 8. 2010 Talk “Noble meals instead of abstinence? A faunal assemblage from the Dominican abbey of Norden, Northern Germany”
Part of: 11th International Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ), Paris, France
10. 9. 2009 Talk “Whale Bones as architectural Elements in and around Bremen, Germany”
Part of: 7th Meeting of the ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group (WBRG) in Wroclaw, Poland
2. – 3. 8. 2008 Talk “Vom Knochen zum Kunstwerk – Skelette als Werkstoff” at the Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven
20. 9. 2007 Lecture “Einführung in die Archäozoologie”
Part of: Training excavation at Universität Innsbruck in the Yerevan State University Guest House, Armenien