Mahsa Kharazmi studied Art Studies at Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran and Handicrafts at Art University of Isfahan. From 2010 to 2014 she passed through a doctorate which she completed with a thesis entitled “The Reflection of Islamic Geometry on the Architectural Ornaments in Khorasan, Iran in Medieval Period”. Besides that she gave lectures in Art History, Islamic Art and Architecture and Persian Painting and Arts. Her research interests focus on the History of Art and Architecture of Ancient Persia, Islamic Art and Architecture and also the relationship between Geometry and Design in the History of Art. During her stay at Topoi Mahsa Kharazmi carries out her research within the research group (C-3) Fragments, Ruins and Space: the Perception and Representation of Ancient Spaces in Modern Contexts. Within the project (C-3-1)  Ktesiphon she works on a methodology that links research to museum presentation by using architectural fragments from Ctesiphon.