Dr. Tatiana Alexandrovna Ivleva

Tatiana Ivleva studied archaeology at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow and Leiden University where she also received a PhD in 2012 with a thesis entitled “Britons Abroad: the Mobility of Britons and the Circulation of British-made Objects in the Roman Empire”. It mainly explored cultural biographies of artefacts and images, employing as a case study the occurrence of British-born people and the mobility of British-made objects in continental Europe. Besides being interested in material culture, her research encomasses visual representations and perceptions of identity, mobility, and movement through space, and migrant and diasporic communities as well as archaeological methods and theories. Her current research focuses the exploration of the visual aspect of material culture and its dialectical and interactive nature, i.e. its impact on the viewers and the role of artists and clients in the propaganda of invented meanings. During her fellowship at Topoi she investigatesd the agency of gestures in the nonverbal world of Roman funerary art by exploring the symbolism and semantic nature of hand gestures on tombstones found in the Roman Western provinces, in Pannonia and Noricum in particular.