Dr. Philipp Robert Hoelzmann

Philipp Hoelzmann is Head of the Physical Geography Laboratory at Freie Universität Berlin which is equipped for sedimentological, geochemical, geophysical, mineralogical and environmental investigations. His expertise is primarily in the analysis of (lake) sediments from Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Central America. The assembled data is used for lake-level and palaeoclimate reconstructions as well as environmental geochemical and archaeological research. His area of work also includes data-model comparisons of landsurface-changes throughout the Holocene. Within in the first funding phase of Topoi (Topoi 1) he was PI for two geo-archaeological projects that investigate Holocene fluvial sediments in Central Germany (Harz Mountains) and Italy (Central Apennine) to reconstruct the landscape’s evolution. Within Topoi 2 he is member within the (A-SDA) Forum – Spatial Data Analysis and contributes actively to different projects of this research area. Hands-on experiences exist concerning field-expeditions (Middle Europe, N-Africa, and Central-Asia) and various sedimentological sampling techniques (e.g. drilling and coring (lake-) sediments).