Chiara Giatti studied Classical Archaeology and completed her PhD in 2006 with a thesis on Urban Roman Sepulchral Topography at the University La Sapienza di Roma. Her researches concentrate on Roman Architecture, with a special focus on Urban Roman Sepulchral Architecture of the Late Republic and Imperial Period. Currently she works for diverse research projects of the Universities La Sapienza di Roma and Firenze in Grotyn at Crete and in the Roman Locri Epizefiri. A further focus of her research lies in the Imperial and Late Antique Pottery Production and Roman Urbanism. At Topoi she carries out her research within the research project (B-2-6) The Borders of Rome. This project investigates the organisation and development of roman grave precincts in the roman period through archaeological evidences which are preserved throughout the most important consular streets of Rome. Furthermore Chiara Giatti will investigate the diversities within the representation forms of the necropolises.


Further Activities

05.-06-09.2013 Lecture “Alcune osservazioni sui recinti funerari della via Celimontana”
Part of: „Grenzen Roms“, Workshop at DAI Rome
09.-10.10.2012 Lecture “Le ceramiche tardo-romane dell’area di San Marcon nord-est”
Part of: “La Ceramica dallo Scavo di San Marco nord-est”, Università degli Studi di Firenze
12.03.2014 Lecture  “Walltechnology and Construction Materials in the Roman Imperial Period” at Università degli Studi di Firenze
22.-26.09.2008 Lecture “L’architettura sepolcrale tra il II ed il I secolo a.C.: modelli culturali e scelte architettoniche a Roma”
Part of: “XVII International Congress of Classical Archaeology – Meetings between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean”
10.-11.06.2005 Lecture “Pianificazione urbana delle necropoli in età tardo-repubblicana” 
Part of: “Architetti, Architettura e città nel Mediterraneo orientale ellenistico”, Venice