Prof. Dr. Johanna Fabricius

Johanna Fabricius is Professor of Classical Archaeology with a special interest in Greek and Roman sculpture, Greek and Roman pictorial language and the material culture and social structure of Hellenistic cities in the Eastern Mediterranean. She has furthermore focused on studies of body concepts and visual strategies of gender constructions within Greek and Roman culture. She is the spokesperson of Research Area (C) Perception and Representation. In her habilitation thesis “Soma/corpus. Bodily Concepts and Gender Difference in Greek and Roman Literature”, she had already combined theories of Visual Studies, Cognitive Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology. Her project within the framework of Research Group (C-II) Images aimed to analyze the culture- and media-specific modes in which Greek and Roman images function with regard to aspects of spatial perception, spatial cognition and spatial constructions and inquires into possible connections with the linguistic coding of space in the respective cultures. In Topoi II she is member of research group (C-1)Deixis and Frames of Reference and (C-4) Pictorial Constructions of Space(s).


Further Activities

27.05-28.05.2016 Talk Von Flächen und Rändern. Zur Semantik räumlicher Elemente in der griechischen und römischen Malerei
Part of: Internal Workshop Research Group C-4, Potsdam, Villa Quandt