Zvezdana Dode is an archaeologist and art historian who has done extensive research on mediaeval costume and textiles of the Northern Caucasu. She is senior researcher at the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Science in Rostov, Russia. After receiving her PhD from the Oriental Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, she served as professor of archaeology and art history at Stavropol State University. During her Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2007- 2008), she made a comparative study of silk textiles of the Mongolian period in Eurasia. Zvezdana Dode is author of numerous articles and monographs; her field work includes excavations of Late Bronze Age, Iron Age, and medieval barrows sites in the Northern Caucasus.
During her fellowship (October 2014) at research group (B-2) XXL – Monumentalized Knowledge Zvezdana Dode examines the historical costume of the North Caucasian population on the basis of ethnographic studies. She also considers the difficulty of restoration and conservation of the fabrics, used to manufacture the costumes.