Sergej V. Demidenko studied pre- and early history at Moscow State University. From 1997 to 1999 he carried out his research in the Eurasia-Department of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut in Berlin by examining bronze dishes of the Early Iron Age horse-mounted nomads. After his return to Russia he received a doctorate from the Moscow State University with a work on “Early Iron Age Bronze Cauldrons as an Information Source for the History and Culture of Prehistoric Tribes from the Lower Volga and the Southern Cis-Ural”. Following this he spent four years in Kyoto as a researcher in the Japan Institute of Paleological Studies. Since 2004 he is researcher in the archaeologic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
His research mainly deals with the archaeology of horse-mounted nomads, history of bronze casting and bronze dish production in the European and Asian steppes. Since 2016 he works with Topoi`s research project (B-2-4) Scythian Tombs by investigating the Volga region at the contact area between Europe and Asia. Main focus of this collaboration lies in geophysical examinations and analyses of the Scythian Great Kurgans as well as scientific exchange.