Roswitha Del Fabbro studied Archaeology at the University of Udine (Italy), where she obtained her Master’s Degree in 2008 with a thesis on “I gioielli a Mari: Testi, tipologie e archeologia dell’oreficeria di una città siriana sul medio-Eufrate (XVIII sec. a.C.)”. She took part in several archaeological projects in Syria (Mishrifeh/Qatna – archaeological excavation), Turkey (Yassihöyük – archaeological survey), and Italy (Aquileia, San Benedetto dei Marsi, Poggibonsi/Poggio Imperiale, Variano – archaeological excavations). In 2012 she earned her Ph.D. with the thesis “Archaeological and geoarchaelogical investigation of the Aleppo hinterland”. In 2015 she was Post-doc fellow in the Department of History and Cultural Heritage  at University of Udine, Italy.