Marina Daragan is an archaeologist from the Institute of Archaeology by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She was co-initiator for investigations in landscape archaeology in Ukraine. In her research she applies GIS and ArchGIS for analyzing question of the Scythian culture in the North-Pontic region. During her first fellowship at Topoi in 2012 she worked together with research group (A-II) Innovations on the spatial and periodical diffusion of grave mounds in the Bronze – and Scythian Age in the North-Pontic region. During her second research stay she collaborates with research group (B-2) XXL – Monumenatlized Knowledge. The main focus of this collaboration is set on the analysis and comparison of the landscape use of the Scythian necropolises and spatial uses around the Ukrainian Kurgans, the North-Ponticum and the North-Caucasus.
Marina Daragans research interests comprise time-space modellings of the landscape use of necropolises from the Bronze Age to the early Iron Age in the lower  Dnepr-region as well as the developement of archaeologic prospection methods and -technics.