Gabriela Castro Gessner is an archaeologist from Cornell University, New York. She studied anthropology and art history as well as anthropological archaeology at the State University of New York. There, she became research associate and lecturer for anthropology after having received a Ph D in 2008. Since 2010 she has a position in the Assessment and Communication Department of the Cornell University Library.
Her current research deals with the long-term settlement patterns of the Chaacha-Meana region in Turkmenistan from the earliest Neolithic settlements of the 6th millenium BC to medieval Islamic times. This project is closely connected to the work of research group (A-3) Water Management as it gives better insights into the changing physical landscape, particularly water resources. Her investigations also contribute to the goals of research group (A-2) Poltical Ecology by analyzing short- and medium-term mobility within large-scale, long-term patterns. Besides this she prepares a publication at Topoi together with Susan Pollock and Anahita Mittertrainer who wrote a master-thesis on Parthian, Sasanian and Islamic settlements in the mentioned region.