Prof. Dr. María Josefa Castillo Pascual

Maria Josefa Castillo Pascual is Professor for Ancient History at Universidad de la Rioja. She studied ancient history and classics in Madrid and Vitoria. In 1993 she received a doctorate with a thesis on roman spatial planning from Universität Heidelberg and Universidad de la Rioja. Since then her research focuses on the study of roman spatial planning and gromatic works. Furthermore she investigates the history of Constantin the Great of whom she wrote a monography which was published in 2010. By being member of the Imagines-Project she is involved in studies of the classical reception. Within this project her main question is how antiquity is represented in the opera of the Baroque. As a senior fellow at Topoi she carried out her researches of roman spatial planning and gromatics within the research group (B-1) Routes – Water – Knowledge by questioning the influence of inland shipping on the roman capitals and the roman routes in provinces of the Iberian Peninsula.


Further Activities

2014 Talk “Sagunto y Numancia: dos exempla históricos de los parlamentarios de la época de Sagasta”
Part of: Antigüedades nacionales, regionales y locales en el siglo XIX, Vitoria
2014 Talk “Flüsse und Straßen im Ebro Tal: Der Einfluß der Binnenschiffahrt auf den Straßenverlauf ”
Part of: Wasser – Wege – Wissen auf der iberischen Halbinsel vom Römischen Imperium bis zur muselmanischen Herrschaft, Elche
2012 Talk “Kirke Diva. Die Rezeption von Kirke in der Barock-Oper (17. Jhdt.)”
Part of: Imagines III. Magic in Antiquity, Magic of Antiquity, Mainz
2010 Conference “Imagines II. Seduction and Power. Antiquity in the Visual and Performing Arts” in Bristol Organiser
2007 Conference “Imagines I. La Antigüedad en las Artes Escénicas y Visuales” in Logroño