Dr. Federico Buccellati

Federico Buccellati studied at St. John’s College (Annapolis, MA, USA) where he received a B.A. in Philosophy, in Tübingen (Germany) where he received a Magister in Near Eastern Archaeology and in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) where he wrote his PhD within the Research Training Group “Value and Equivalence”. His thesis, entitled “Three-dimensional Volumetric Analysis in an Archaeological Context: The Palace of Tupkish at Urkesh and its Representation”, focused on the research potential in 3D models, merging volumetric data with ethnographic parallels and textual evidence to understand and measure the construction process in a 3rd Millennium BC Mesopotamian palace. Two fellowships (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main & IIMAS – International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies) allowed him to develop a project investigating changes in material culture during the transition between the Mittani and Middle Assyrian periods, while another fellowship from the Transregional Forum, Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices (Berlin, Germany) focused on Perception and Authorship in ancient Near Eastern palaces.

He is currently a NEH/Mellon Digital Publication Fellow with the Alexandria Archive Institute and a Guest Researcher in the Topoi research group (B-2) XXL – Monumentalized Knowledge. His project, “Energetic Calculator for Ancient Buildings” examines cost-calculation-algorithms which can be applied to the volumes of ancient architecture to explore the temporal, material or energetic ‘cost’ of the steps of that process. Up to now this has been done on an ad-hoc basis, with scholars finding appropriate comparisons. This project will produce an online interactive interface where scholars enter volumetric data from their research.

For more information please see the project website: www.encab.net


Further Activities

2017 Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Introduction to History of Architecture of the Ancient Near East

2015 Universität Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Perspektive Archäologischer Interpretation

2014 IICAH – Erbil, Iraq (co-docent)

Tell Mozan/Urkesh: Community Relations & Mudbrick Architecture

Seminar organized by WMFund for Iraqi professional archaeologists

2013 Universität Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Darstellungsweise der Architektur – von der Theorie bis zum 3D-Modell

IICAH – Erbil, Iraq (co-docent)

Tell Mozan/Urkesh: Archaeological Preservation in the Eye of the Storm

Seminar organized by WMFund for Iraqi professional archaeologists

2011 Universität Frankfurt (Main), Germany (co-docent)

Paläste in der mesopotamischen Frühzeit

2010 Universität Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Die Archäologie und das Internet

2008 Universität Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Perspektive Archäologischer Interpretation

Exhibit and Museum Work
2014 Collaborator on the “Dal profondo del tempo” [“From the Depths of Time”] exhibit within the Cultural Week in Rimini, IT (Meeting per l’amicizia fra i popoli)

Collaborator on “Werte im Widerstreit: Von Bräuten, Muscheln, Geld und Kupfer” exhibit within the Research Training Group “Value and Equivalence”, where my PhD project was also presented

2010 Collaborator on a poster exhibit focused on the results of the Mozan project for the US Embassy in Damascus
Workshops organized
2012 Organized an international workshop at the University of Frankfurt (Main) “Household and Household Economies in 3rd Millennium BC Syro-Mesopotamia” [together with T. Helms and A. Tamm] the papers were subsequently published as BAR International Series 2682