Marcela-Rodica Boroffka, born in 1969, studied at the Faculty of History of the University Bucharest, specializing in prehistoric archaeology. She finished her studies in 1992 with a thesis on the Mycenaean influence on the region of Lower Danube.

From 1992 until 1995 she was engaged at the National Museum of the History of Romania, Bucharest. From 1996 onwards she took part in several rescue excavations in Brandenburg, Germany. Since 1998 she was participant in several research projects of the Eurasia Department of the German Archaeological Institute, in countries of the former Soviet Union, Iran and Pakistan. In 2008 she has been engaged in Topoi`s research group (A-II) Innovations , studying kurgans (burial mounds) of the Iron Age (Scythian) in Kazakhstan. She was occupied with the documentation in the field, graphic processing of the data, preparations for publication and the administration of scientific samples.