Dr. Elton Barker

Elton Barker studied classical civilisation at the University of Leeds, UK and went on with a master programme in Greek civilisation there. At Ohio State University he received a master degree in Greek and Latin. He received a Ph D from Pembroke College in Cambridge where he investigated representations of verbal contest – or agõn – in different ancient Greek genres. Elton Barkers research interests include: the agõn in ancient Greek literature and thought, Greek epic rivalry and reception, ancient geographies, and digital Classics. His book, Entering the Agon (Oxford University Press, 2009), investigates representations of debate in epic, historiography and tragedy in terms of an interpretative framework of dissent from authority. As well as publishing widely on epic, historiography and tragedy, he has articles on the new Archilochus fragment, oracles in Herodotus and the reception of the Epic Cycle. During his fellowship at Topoi he carried out his research within the Hestia-project by investigating the underlying ways in which Herodotus constructs space in his Histories. Therefore, he produced a series of ‘X-ray’ maps based on the connections between peoples and places rather than according to topographic ‘reality’. This work was also part of the research group (C-5) Common Sense Geography.