Ioannis Aslanis is Director of Research at the Institute for Greek and Roman Antiquity/IIE/EIE of the Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens. He is a renowned specialist on the Chalcolithic and Early/Middle Bronze Age in Northern Greece. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hänsel (Freie Universität Berlin), he conducted excavations on the settlement hill of Agios Mamas on the Chalkidiki over a period of several years. This settlement provides particularly impressive evidence of cultural change and ceramic innovations (e.g. wheel-thrown Minyan ware) at the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age, combined with evidence of extensive trade relations. Ioannis Aslanis will contribute his expertise in the subject area of cultural change/population shift/innovation to the work of research group (A-6) Economic Space. Furthermore, Agios Mamas is one of only a few first-rate examples for research group (A-4) Textile Revolution providing stratigraphic evidence of increased wool production coupled with a simultaneous decrease in flax usage. Aslanis is also a cooperation partner on a Greek/Bulgarian excavation project (Tell Junacite, late 5th to 4th millennium) that is likewise of major interest to research group (A-4) Textile Revolution.