Jeanine Abdul Massih is Professor of Classical Archaeology and Conservation Technique at Lebanese University and teaches in Beirut, Balamand, Tripoli and Zahle. In 2000, she completed her PhD on “L’architecture en pierre de taille et en blocage de djousse à Doura-Europos (Syrie). Histoire et urbanisme “. Since then she has focused her scientific interest on the history of architecture and urban structures of Hellenistic and Roman towns at Sorbonne University, Paris. Until the outbreak of the civil war in Syria she has directed for several years the excavations in the hellenistic town of Cyrrhus. In 2004 she joint the German – Lebanese Documentation Project of the German Archaeological Institute in Baalbek/Lebanon with her special expertise in ancient quarrying techniques and carried out a survey of all quarries close by and in Baalbek.
With the financial support of Topoi and the German Archaeological Institute she in June 2014 carried out excavations in the famous quarry of the “Hajjar al-Hibla” in Baalbek. As a fellow of Topoi she is completing the study of results of this as well as of former investigations of the quarry and contributes to the topic of  research group (B-2) XXL – Monumentalized knowledge.