May 05-11, 2013

Conference Programme

The renewed hosting of ICHAJ in Germany, only the second time and after an interruption of 27 years, is the result of continuous efforts of Germany based scholars to contribute to the exploration and to a better understanding of the extremely rich cultural heritage of Jordan. We are very proud to be able to host the conference in Berlin, and we would like to thank the Jordanian authorities, particularly the Department of Antiquities, for their continuous and friendly support and collaboration over the years, and especially in co-organizing this important event.

Berlin is the perfect location for organizing the 12th ICHAJ. The density of institutions directly concerned with the subject matter is remarkable. Collaborators of the State Museums (SMB/SPK), of the Technical University (TU), the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the Free University (FU) and Humboldt University (HU) have been working in Jordan for many years and over generations of researchers. Furthermore the Cluster of Excellence “Topoi. The Formation and Transformation of Space and Knowledge in Ancient Civilizations” brought together these institutions in close collaboration for more than five years so far.

The overall theme of the 12th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan – “Transparent Borders” – is not only of great symbolic value, but also of striking actuality. It stands for the situation of the lands east of Jordan from the earliest antiquity until the present as well as for the international networking of scholars form all over the world working on Jordan. Last but not least, “Transparent Borders” have their specific and own meaning in Berlin!

In this sense we wish all of you a warm welcome in Berlin and a very successful ICHAJ 2013.