Localization of Intellectual Faculties: Archigenes and Posidonius (D-2-2)

Research project

The aim of project D-2-2 was to reconstruct the medical doctrines of the influential Pneumatist physician Archigenes of Apamea (early 2nd c. AD) by preparing a collection of the fragments with translation and commentary, thus laying the foundations for a detailed analysis of the interaction between the Stoics and the Pneumatists. Archigenes was famous particularly for his elaborate classification of various kinds of pain as diagnostic indicators of diseased places within the body; he was also quoted by later authors for his pulse theory.

Philodemus: Diagnostics and Semiotics (D-2-1)

Research project

The goal of this project is to systematically review the fundamental epistemological principles of a theory of diagnostics and inferences in antiquity – principles which are of equal importance for both philosophy and the history of medicine.

Mapping Body and Soul (D-2)

Research Group

The research group worked at the interface between the history of medicine and philosophy. The group examined how the faculties of the soul and the diseases of mind were localized in ancient times and how these ancient theories have contributed to the concepts of modern times. AT A GLANCE 18 Researchers 5 Research Projects 4 […]