2007 HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches), Archéologie des périodes historiques, Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), France
1996 Doktor Phil.-Hist., Universität Bern, Switzerland
1981 MA, History and Archaeology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
1979 BA, Political Science, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Professional Experience

2012-2013 Senior Fellow, Topoi/Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany
2006-12 Guest Professor: University of Ghent, Belgium; American University in Cairo, Egypt; Université Lyon 2 (Lumière), France
2003-2004 Research Fellow: Dept. of the Study of Religion, Aarhus University, Denmark
1998-1999 Research Fellow: Carsten Niebuhr Institute of Near Eastern Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
1997-2014 Lecturer: University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Aarhus University, Denmark; Université Rennes 2, France
1996-1997 Professor: Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China
1995-2011 Lecturer: Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Languages, University of Bern, Switzerland
1991-1994 Resident Director: American Institute for Yemeni Studies, Sana’a, Yemen

Field Experience

1994 Compilation of catalogue of objects stolen from museums during and after the 1994 war (General Organization for Antiquities, Museums, and Manuscripts, Ministry of Culture, Sana’a, Yemen)
1993 Environmental Impact Assessment of proposed road linking Marib and the Hadhramawt, Yemen (World Bank)
1992-1993 Co-Director, Hajar am-Dhaybiyya, Wadi Dura, Yemen (Franco-American Joint Mission: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France and American Institute for Yemeni Studies, Sana’a)
1991 Field Director, Qdeir 23; Archaeologist, Nadaouiyeh I, El-Kowm, Syria (Syro-Swiss Mission: University of Damascus, Syria & University of Basel, Switzerland)
1988 Site Supervisor, Archaeological Survey, Tell Brak, Syria (British School of Archaeology in Iraq)
1987-1990 Site Supervisor, Deputy Field Director, Tell Abu Qubur, Iraq (Mission Archéologique Suisse en Irak, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
1985-1989 Site Supervisor, Tall al-Hamidiya, Syria (University of Bern, Switzerland)
1983 Epigrapher, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt (University of Basel, Switzerland)