Mental Map of a city | Author: T.Nijeholt | Source: Wikimedia Commons | CC-BY-SA-2.5 Image of the structure of "This lawyer is a shark" following Blending Theory | Author: Nicola Spotorno | Source: Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 3.0Excerpt of Claudius Ptolem - The World | Author: Johannes Schnitzer (engraver), Claudius Ptolemy, (cartographer) | Source: Decorative Maps by Roderick Barron, 1989 Conceptual diagram | Author: Birgit Nennstil | Source: Topoi | Copyright: TopoiSkeleton map of Babylonian World | Author: EvgenyGenkin Public DomainPart of Tabula Peutingeriana, Konrad Miller 1887 | Source: Bibliotheca Augustana, Wikimedia | Public DomainStemma codicum | Author: Flancker | Source: Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain


The Key Topic Mapping is to integrate discussions on maps in a wider sense, i.e. the representation of spatial entities or conceptual entities and theirs interrelations in physical or mental diagrams, maps, and images.

This may include …

  • Topographical maps (in a wider sense): Modern topographical maps, GIS, 3D models, e.g. or ancient topographical maps.
  • Topological diagrams/plans/maps like the route map of the BVG, also Mental Maps (German Kognitive Karte) of, e.g., cities.
  • Diagrammatical iconographic analysis of ancient images.
  • Thematic diagrams, e.g., Mind Maps.
  • Genealogical stemmata.
  • Diagrammatical structure of texts, e.g., deixis, narrative frame structure, …
  • Diagrammatical structure of language, e.g., Semantic Maps
  • Metaphorical mapping (Blending Theory).

The Key Topic Mapping helps to build connections between research projects concerned with “Mapping” in ancient cultures and modern research

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The Topoi Lab coordinator of Area C, Daniel A. Werning, offers individual meetings on issues of

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  • Annotated Topoi-Bibliography Mental Mapping, available as PDF and BibTex-Database, compiled by Martin Thiering, 2014
  • Annotierte Topoi-Forschungsbibliographie Antike Karten und Diagramme, available as PDF compiled by Rainer Streng, 2013

(For a access to the bibliographies, please contact D. A. Werning)



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—> Forums Geodata and Spatial Data Analysis and Computer Modeling
—> Key Topic Mapping on the Topoi community website (For access, please contact D.A. Werning)

—> Daniel A. Werning, Essay “Diagramme in Antike und Forschung – Das Key Topic Mapping”, in: Raumwissen 15 (Juni 2015), 14-25.