Propagation of Early Christianity in North Galatia and its Personal and Institutional Structures of Authority (B-5-3-1)


Like many regions of Asia Minor, North Galatia in Central Anatolia already came into contact with Christianity in New Testament times. However, literary sources on the propagation of the religion in this region are rare, both in and out of the New Testament. Early Christian inscriptions are therefore of great importance in this context. Working from them, the formation of ecclesiastic centers, structures and authorities, and the theological character of Christianity in this region shall be investigated.

Soteriological perspective of spatiality in the Gospel according to John (C-2-1-3)


The spatiality of John is conceived as a concept of narrative, and forms the structure of the gospel in connection with the important theological statements. This Ph.D. project analyzes to which extent the narrative in the Gospel of John implicitly contains spatiality and against which background it is to be interpreted. The central issue addressed here is the relationship between soteriology and spatial aspects of metaphors in John and whether this is an overarching strategy of his writing.

Contested space - Paul’s metaphors of dominion in Romans 5-8 (C-2-1-2)


The focus of this Ph.D. project is the concept of dominion with reference to the dominated and its space. The letter Apostel Paul wrote to the Romans in the first century AD is being approached with a historical critical method, i.e. every word is analysed with the methods of traditional historical philology, focusing on lexical units and looking at syntactical links. Also, the Metaphor Identification Procedure is applied.

Eastern Promises of Salvation (B-5-COFUND-1)

Third-party funded project

Eastern Promises of Salvation: Religious Authority, Spiritual Pedigree, and the Globalization of Knowledge in Ancient Asian Christianities, c. 100–c. 400 CE

The History of Christianisation in the Ancient Region of Cilicia (B-5-4-1)


This project investigates the history of early Christianity in the Kalykadnos valley and adjacent areas. To fulfill this task a cross-disciplinary approach has been chosen. A variety of sources – ranging from literary to epigraphic and archaeological material – is taken into account.

Ancient Egyptian Underworld (C-4-5)

Research project

In this research project, Daniel Werning investigates the diagrammatic representation of the Ancient Egyptian underworld as attested in the Book of Caverns, an Egyptian Netherworld Book from the 13th century BCE.

Persuading the Divine: On the Composition of Hittite Prayers (C-1-X-5)


This Ph.D. thesis investigates the composition and rhetoric of Hittite prayers. Different aspects of how speech is used in prayers to direct the attention of the addressed deity in such a way that he/she will grant the presented requests are examined. A special focus is on the different textual elements that can be identified in the prayers, their organisation and function within the texts, and the use of older prayers to compose new ones.