Urban Planing and Development in Jordan (C-6-2)

Research project

This concerted project investigated the two urban centers Petra and Gadara and their surrounding countryside using comparative formulations and methods in seeking to determine the causes of similar and dissimilar developments and phenomena. In order to gain an understanding of the importance of the interaction between environmental and social factors in the formation and historical development of the urban form, interaction between several disciplines is required (e.g. geography, topography, geology, meteorology, technical sciences, ecology, demography, sociology, building law, building economy and cultural studies).

Infrastructure (B-1-4)

Research project

The research project continued the work of the former research group (B-I-1) Surveying and Limitation that examined ways in which spaces are defined and constituted through acquisition and demarcation. Five research fields of this former group were investigated.

Early Medieval Governance Resource (B-1-3)

Research project

The infrastructures of late antiquity were of fundamental importance to the politico-military, ecclesiastical and economic organization of the so-called “Germanic” kingdoms that succeeded the Roman Empire.

Water Law (B-1-2)

Research project

Subject of the project´s research were treatises and sentences that have survived from the time of Al-Andalus in water law. It is important to find classifications for the water, as this determines the legal regulations. That is what we can take from the sources. The usage and acquisition of water also depends on the classification. The work of the courts in the districts of Al-Andalus has been the focus of the project.

Water Spaces (B-1-1)

Research project

This project had its focus on the diverse ways water was conceptualized and dealt with in antiquity. It especially aimed at finding new approaches to an understanding of the relation between men, states, and the sea in Classical Greece and Rome.

Routes – Water – Knowledge (B-1)

Research Group

This research group dealt with infrastructures that were created in view of strategic military and political objectives as well as natural spatial requirements and local conditions, infrastructures that were subsequently used and transformed by the heirs of the Roman Empire. AT A GLANCE 36 Researchers 6 Research Projects 7 Dissertation Projects 61 Publications 16 Events […]

Conana, Turkey (A-1-3)

Research project

The project focused on settlements in remote, hard-to-reach mountain regions. The question arises for the compensation of the marginal habitat and the reasons for the creation of these settlements.