Literary studies on imperial Greek doxographical texts (B-5-2-2)


The project aims to investigate a certain group of imperial Greek texts known as ‘doxographical texts’ from a literary perspective. The primary aim is to show that doxography is an independent literary form of philosophico-scientific re-writing within the larger context of imperial Greek literature.

Corpus defixionum Atticarum (B-5-6)

Research project

Focus of this research project was the final edition of roughly 510 curse tablets discovered in Athens and Attica (including around 40 inedita) within the new Corpus defixionum Atticarum.

Christianization of Knowledge (B-5-4)

Research project

This project investigated the Christianization of knowledge in the Palestinian and Arabian provinces as well as the late antique province of Isauria, with particular consideration given to places and authorities central to this Christianization process. The research was supplemented by studies of Jewish models and influences in the research area.

Genealogical and Dynastic Space (B-5-7)

Research project

The research project focused on politically loaded concepts of space, especially in archaic and Hellenistic Greece and Augustan Rome, resp. The leading concepts were genealogical notions of space and “dynastic” concepts.

Jewish Genealogies (B-5-5)

Research project

The project analysed literary genealogies in Jewish writings of the Hellenistic time. It focussed on the tradition-historical background, the narrative function and the meaning for the self-conception of the authors and readers of each scripture.

Personal and Nonpersonal Authority (B-5-2)

Research project

The project has, as part of a more encompassing interest in how experts create and manage their respective microcosms, investigated the forms of personal and of non-personal constructions of authority in ancient Greek knowledge traditions with a focus on theoretical knowledge. Proceeding from sociological and theoretical work on authority, Markus Asper has channeled his input into three conferences and the ensuing proceedings as well as 15 papers devoted to aspects of the overarching cluster of questions.

Ancient Succession Narratives (B-5-1)

Research project

This project has investigated issues of succession in various cultural and religious contexts of the ancient Mediterranean and neighboring areas. In particular, it was examined how narratives of succession and/or genealogy served to create and stabilize collective identities, and how attempts were made to demarcate these from other sources of knowledge authorities and traditions.