The Glass, Faience and Food in Late Bronze Age Societies (A-6-COFUND-1)

Third-party funded project

This project aimed to establish an in-depth understanding of the administration and control of high-temperature (glass, faience and food) industries on an urban level and the socio­ economic relationship between the elite and the non-elite members of society in Late Bronze Age (LBA) Egypt and Mesopotamia (c. 1650-1050 BC).

Thirdspace in Assyria and Urartu (B-4-5-1)


This thesis deals with the formation and transformation of identities in ancient Assyria and Urartu by using H. Levebvres and E. Soja`s theoretical framework of the so called Thirdspace.

Water Management of Mesopotamia (A-3-6)

Research project

This research project provided a close examination of the earliest cuneiform sources related to water management and examines its technological and social aspects in the Sumerian city-state economies of Southern Mesopotamia.

Wool in Western Asia (A-4-1-2)


The project focused regionally on Western Asia with a chronological timeframe from the 7th millennium through 3rd millennium BCE. Its objective was to find direct and indirect evidence for the introduction of wool as a textile fiber and study the procuring and processing of textile raw materials. The two main strands of evidence for this dissertation thesis were published textile traces and spindle whorl data collected from 23 sites. The project was designed to identify patterns of change related to textile production on a large regional and chronological scale.

Thirdspaces (B-4-5)

Research project

“Third Space” in the postmodern geography of Edward Soja is an approach built on Henri Lefebvre’s theory of specific “modes of production of spaces”. Lefebvre distinguishes a perceived, a represented and a lived space (espace perçu, espace conçu, espace vécu).

Iron Technology in the Museum (A-5-7)

Research project

The revision and new conception of the prehistoric exhibition at the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Berlin affected, among other things, the museum’s Pre-Roman Iron Age division, featuring artifacts from ancient Europe and Eurasia. In setting up the new exhibition at “Neues Museum”, the focus was not only on portraying Iron Age cultural groups, but also and especially on the subject of iron and iron smelting as a new raw material and a new technology.

Personal and Nonpersonal Authority (B-5-2)

Research project

The project has, as part of a more encompassing interest in how experts create and manage their respective microcosms, investigated the forms of personal and of non-personal constructions of authority in ancient Greek knowledge traditions with a focus on theoretical knowledge. Proceeding from sociological and theoretical work on authority, Markus Asper has channeled his input into three conferences and the ensuing proceedings as well as 15 papers devoted to aspects of the overarching cluster of questions.