Human-Environmental Interactions in Northeastern Jordan. (A-1-5-1)


This study investigated human-environmental interactions in northeastern Jordan since late prehistory. To achieve an integrated study in which ecological, economic and cultural factors are considered together, this thesis presents three landscape archaeological case studies, focusing on different adaptation strategies of past societies.

Nabataean Fine Ceramics (A-6-7)

Research project

This research project explored the emergence and distribution of Nabataean fine ceramics in the 2nd century BC – 4th century AD. It was investigated to what extent the typical type of ceramic is to be classified as an identity marker of Nabataean culture and society.

Urban Planing and Development in Jordan (C-6-2)

Research project

This concerted project investigated the two urban centers Petra and Gadara and their surrounding countryside using comparative formulations and methods in seeking to determine the causes of similar and dissimilar developments and phenomena. In order to gain an understanding of the importance of the interaction between environmental and social factors in the formation and historical development of the urban form, interaction between several disciplines is required (e.g. geography, topography, geology, meteorology, technical sciences, ecology, demography, sociology, building law, building economy and cultural studies).

Philodemus: Diagnostics and Semiotics (D-2-1)

Research project

The goal of this project is to systematically review the fundamental epistemological principles of a theory of diagnostics and inferences in antiquity – principles which are of equal importance for both philosophy and the history of medicine.

Badia, Jordan (A-1-5)

Research project

This project investigated the human activities in the arid Jordanian Northern Badia (NE Jordan) in the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Ages. Past and present geoarchaeological research focused on evaluating the character and scope of socioeconomic activities in this region in the mentioned periods, and on identifying possible indications for external relations connected with these activities.

Petra, Jordan (A-1-2)

Research project

The research project in Petra (Jordan) was the first to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the enormous technological efforts and innovations that facilitated permanent and representative settlement of this once uninhabitable area.