Propagation of Early Christianity in North Galatia and its Personal and Institutional Structures of Authority (B-5-3-1)


Like many regions of Asia Minor, North Galatia in Central Anatolia already came into contact with Christianity in New Testament times. However, literary sources on the propagation of the religion in this region are rare, both in and out of the New Testament. Early Christian inscriptions are therefore of great importance in this context. Working from them, the formation of ecclesiastic centers, structures and authorities, and the theological character of Christianity in this region shall be investigated.

Spatial analysis of settlement patterns in Bithynia (A-6-6-1)


The thesis aims for comparative GIS-based study analyzing the economic systems of Bithynia and Thrace. Complementation and foregrounding of the archaeological map of the regions will be further supplemented by spatio – temporal analysis of settlement patterns. As a contribution to the Iznik Project, the survey data from this micro–region will be included and further analyzed.

Translation practices and techniques in the Hittite Empire (C-1-X-9)


This Ph.D. project aims at demonstrating how the scribes in the Hittite empire dealt with foreign languages through the activity of translation and to investigate what role these translated texts could have played. The activity from the neighboring Mesopotamian culture is more widely known; however, the scribes in the Hittite empire, who worked with so many languages in ancient times very intensively, have not been fairly valued yet.

The History of Christianisation in the Ancient Region of Cilicia (B-5-4-1)


This project investigates the history of early Christianity in the Kalykadnos valley and adjacent areas. To fulfill this task a cross-disciplinary approach has been chosen. A variety of sources – ranging from literary to epigraphic and archaeological material – is taken into account.

Die severische Bautätigkeit in Kleinasien (Z-BerGSAS-X-1 )


The objective of this dissertation is to conduct a (new) survey of the quantity and quality of individual types of imperial construction projects in Severan Asia Minor, and to analyze and evaluate the results. The research will focus on determining what political, economic and/or cultural circumstances can be grasped on this material basis, and how the scaling and transformation of the space was organized by the Severans.


Early Christian Knowledge Claims (B-5-3)

Research project

Within this research project the rise and expansion of Christianity have been investigated in a series of regional histories. It was started as “Diversity of spaces” in Topoi 1 and expanded under the current research title in Topoi 2. The studies juxtaposing literary and archaeological evidence have yielded a multidimensional view of early Christianity in diverse regions. Increasing Christian presence in specific naturally boarded spaces was studied and resulted in publication of a monograph on Christianity in the Lycus Valley (U. Huttner, Early Christianity in the Lycus Valley [ECAM 1; Brill: Leiden / Boston 2013]) up to the 5th century. This book has been discussed by several experts during a major session of the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Language in Atlanta in November 2015.