Felix Romuliana (PLUS-12)

Additional project

This project investigates the changing relationship between the tetrarchic palace of Felix Romuliana near Gamzigrad in Eastern Serbia and its immediate hinterland over time, with a particular focus on developments during periods of socio-political in-/stability in the region.

Early Iron in South Asia (PLUS-10)

Additional project

The project aims to compile and catalogue archaeological evidence on early iron smelting in Sri Lanka and thus takes up research aims and questions already addressed in the framework of the research group (A-5) Iron.

Early Iron in Eastern Europe (A-5-6)

Research project

The spread of iron metallurgy into Europe has been a long lasting debate since the beginnings of iron production are hardly comprehensible. Apparently, the southern part of Eastern Europe played a major role in the introduction of this complex pyrotechnology doubtless due to its integration into the Circumpontic network and the proximity to the Near East. The research project aimed to highlight the development of the earliest use of iron in Eastern Europe.

On the informational value of isotope analyses (A-2-1-2)


With the introduction of significant amounts of heavy livestock (among other innovations) into the western Eurasian Steppe in the period of the Eneolithic/Early Bronze Age an increase of mobility is disputed within the scientific community.  The project addresses this question from an osteoarchaeological point of view.