Felix Romuliana (PLUS-12)

Additional project

This project investigates the changing relationship between the tetrarchic palace of Felix Romuliana near Gamzigrad in Eastern Serbia and its immediate hinterland over time, with a particular focus on developments during periods of socio-political in-/stability in the region.

Meroitic Fine Ceramics (A-6-5)

Research project

This project studies a pottery workshop and the associated ceramics in Musawwarat es-Sufra, a unique sacral site of the Meroitic period (3rd century BC to 4th century AD) in Sudan. A propos this material, the project investigates a wide range of aspects concerning the production, distribution and use of Meroitic pottery.

Forum - Spatial Data Analysis (A-SDA)


    The Forum — Spatial Data Analysis is an inter-area research group that deals with the documentation and analysis of spatial data gathered from documentation, landscape analyses and reconstructions. Besides the actual work of data collection in archaeology and cultural heritage in connection with investigations of geo-physics, soil science, pollen analysis, and remote sensing, […]