Ancient Egyptian Underworld (C-4-5)

Research project

In this research project, Daniel Werning investigated the diagrammatic representation of the Ancient Egyptian underworld as attested in the Book of Caverns, an Egyptian Netherworld Book from the 13th century BCE.

Forum - Spatial Data Analysis (A-SDA)


    The Forum — Spatial Data Analysis is an inter-area research group that deals with the documentation and analysis of spatial data gathered from documentation, landscape analyses and reconstructions. Besides the actual work of data collection in archaeology and cultural heritage in connection with investigations of geo-physics, soil science, pollen analysis, and remote sensing, […]

Cognitive perception of space in Mesoamerica (C-5-8)

Research project

This research project studied prehispanic codices and early colonial map-like documents from Mesoamerica. It shows the changes the representations underwent after contact with the Spaniards. The Prehispanic documents, known as Codices, reflect a distinctive perception by means of a graphical representation system that distinguishes them from the “lienzos” and “mapas” (maps) produced in the course of the Spanish colonization. The study examines the ‘mapped worlds’ in the the ‘art of mapping’ in Mesoamerica and compares the visualization and organization of space in the pictorial documents before and after the Spanish Conquest.

Space, Distance, Spatiality (C-5-2)

Research project

This research project is concerned with ancient measurement data mostly, but not exclusively, distances. The primary aim was to collect, visualize and evaluate specifications of distance that have been handed down in ancient texts.